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Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Tudorbeth

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In commemoration of six consecutive generations of witches and wizards

Spells in the City

By Tudorbeth

Spells in the City is the third book in a series on Witchcraft written by the eminent hereditary witch, Tudorbeth. Specifically being about being a modern day witch in the 21st Century, each book focusing upon practical material specifically intended to cater for the varying needs of both novice and experienced practitioners of the Craft alike.

The series covers everything that you need to know from magic itself to the spirit of the Craft.  Including information on tasseomancy, numerology, herbalism, scrying, healing, elemental beings and of course, spells and charms, each volume is a valuable handbook for the modern witch.



Requires ADOBE Digital Editions


(No of Pages 56)






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