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Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Tudorbeth

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In commemoration of six consecutive generations of witches and wizards Questionnaire

Select the most appropriate and applicable answer (A, B, or C) to each question.

1) What are your favourite colours?

 A - Greens and browns

 B - Silvers and golds

 C - Blues and purples

2) You are on a crowded train or bus and suddenly feel:

 A - You are suffocating and need open space

 B - You feel dizzy and lightheaded

 C - Your hands feel warm and tingly

3) You are on a night out and two friends start arguing, what do you do?

 A - Tell them to grow up and stop behaving like children

 B - Try to calm the situation

 C - Walk away from them as you hate confrontation

4) What is your profession or ideal profession?

 A - Cook/Gardener/Manager

 B - Guide/Support Worker/ Teacher

 C - Nurse/Vet/Social Worker

5) You have a deep desire to:

 A - Live alongside nature

 B - Be a part of the universe

 C - Care for people and animals

6) If you had a chance you would:

 A - Live in a commune and work the earth

 B - You would fly and leave this planet

 C - Volunteer in a hospice or animal shelter

7) When you fall ill you usually suffer from:

 A - Sore throat and/or loss of voice

 B - Headache/ear ache/vertigo

 C - Stomach upset/IBS

8) Your attitude to money is:

 A - I need money to feel safe and secure

 B - It’s a means to an end and I can take it or leave it

 C - I would rather help others with what little I have

9) You see a homeless person begging in the streets, you:

 A - Think charity begins at home and walk on by

 B - Stop and advise him where he can get help

 C - Give as much as you can - you can go without lunch today

10) Your preferred form of divination is:

 A - Tarot cards

 B - Angel cards

 C - Crystals

11) If you had one wish it would be:

 A - To be rich

 B - To have world peace

 C - To heal the sick

12) What do you prefer?

 A - The moon

 B - The stars

 C - The sun

13) What do you feel closer to?

 A - Goddess

 B - God

 C - Universe

14) When you look through history books you are drawn to:

 A - Ancient Greece/Rome

 B - Egypt/Mesopotamia

 C - Medieval Europe

15) If you had a super power what would it be?

 A - To fly

 B - Be Invisible

 C - Super strength

Having completed all of the questions, and when you are ready to score them, select the ‘Solution’ link below.