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Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Tudorbeth

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In commemoration of six consecutive generations of witches and wizards
“Aliquam dapibus ipsum  vitae sem eget mauris ac  nunc luctus ornare.  Phasellus enim augue.”
TBCWW Healer Certified Witchcraft & Wizardry Courses From The British College of Witchcraft Learn Pendulum Dowsing THE SCIENCE OF INTUITION

Eligibility- by application

This course is provided and delivered in association with The British College of Dowsing whom we believe to be probably the best source for our students to learn the art and skill of pendulum dowsing.

Who Should Study This Course?

This course is available to all students because it provides a firm grounding in the practical art of intuition and the ancient study of dowsing. This course is, therefore, ideal for all students; Healer, Earth Angel, Witch or Wizard, and provides a valuable additional skill set that compliments all other areas of study.

What Yo Will Learn:

  1. The processes and dynamics of dowsing
  2. The History of dowsing
  3. How dowsing works
  4. How to programme your mind and your pendulum
  5. How to Dowse easily and effectively
  6. Basic Grounding and Protection Techniques
  7. Dowsing Protocol to get the best answers
  8. Dowsing Etiquette
  9. Dealing with mental interference
  10. Distracting the unconscious mind
  11. Dealing with negative energies
  12. Dealing with negative entities
  13. Balancing negative energies
  14. Map Dowsing
  15. Dowsing Exercises

Programme Delivery:

Delivered entirely online through our online Learning Centre and with individual tutor support, you will receive password access to the dedicated Learn Dowsing Program. Within the Classroom are the course Modules containing the individual Lessons, comprehensive instruction, dowsing charts, tips and techniques, audio learning modules and a support notice board for you to learn dowsing online in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Course Teaching Methods:

Online delivery, online support, online resources with direct access to tutors for personal support where required. Series of 4 modules with 28 lessons, course materials, downloads and FREE course book, THE DOWSING COMPANION’ upon completion. Interactive notice board for students to raise questions and discuss dowsing matters. Lessons will have tasks and activity for students to complete as they progress through the course.

Outline of Course:

Initial Assessment

Each student is given a personal assignment in which they are required to answer the question ‘what does being a witch mean to you?’ This assignment is submitted before commencing Lesson 1

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


Because of the nature of dowsing and the need for real-time validation, this course does not include any formal assessment as such. For those students wishing to receive validated certification for dowsing that is based upon real-time testing and assessment, the college does provide the Certificate in Dowsing Proficiency. You can find out more information by contacting The British College of Dowsing direct a www.TheBritishCollegeofDowsing.org

How to apply for a place on this course:

To register for this program, simply add it to the cart below and checkout. Once the payment process is complete you will be directed to a download area where you can download the confirmation of your registration, and instructions as to how you will receive your unique password to access the Learning Centre and the course trainer contact information. It is a simple and easy process and you will be dealing direct with The British College of Dowsing. ALL COURSES delivered by them are accepted as accreditation and credit for ALL courses provided by us where appropriate.

What You Receive:

  1. Unlimited access to our online Learning Centre
  2. All the resources you need to learn to dowse
  3. Professionally structured and guided lessons that are easy to understand and follow
  4. Your FREE copy of The Dowsing Companion to support what you learn
  5. Tutor support to guide you all the way
  6. Backed by The British College of Dowsing’s GUARANTEE of satisfaction
  7. View their Refund Policy

Course Fee:

Course Fee: £89.00

(The College uses EazyPay UK to process all of its Paypal and other e-commerce transactions)

As soon as we receive your enrollment you will be contacted by the College of Dowsing Administrator to confirm your acceptance for this course and to provide you with course access. Thank you.

Home Video About Courses Questionnaire Magic Books Spells
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