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Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Tudorbeth

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In commemoration of six consecutive generations of witches and wizards

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TBCWW Novice First Degree Level Course

Second Degree Level (2.2)

Lower Second

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Second Degree Level

(2.1) Upper Second

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First Degree Level - (1)

High Priest/Priestess

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Who Should Attend This Course?

Aimed specifically to provide comprehensive First Level tuition and learning into the ways and traditions of witchcraft and practical magic, this course is ideal for anyone wishing to explore the possibilities that witchcraft can being into their life. Suitable for anyone from the age of 18 and over, we welcome applications from anyone who is serious about this subject.

Course Objective:

  1. To learn what it means to be a witch.
  2. To be able to cast your own spells.
  3. To develop your knowledge of correspondences.
  4. To realise your magical dreams and affirm them.
  5. To gain techniques to help you with the development of potions and other magical resources.
  6. To learn the fundamentals of witchcraft and our history.

Certified Witchcraft & Wizardry Courses From The British College of Witchcraft

Course Duration:

12 lessons which can be taught over 12 months depending on the needs and requirements of the student therefore the course can be longer but no shorter.


You must experience life as a witch for a year before you make that final decision. It is no easy choice. At the end of this course you can call yourself a witch but remember:



In this first course on witchcraft you will learn about the Wheel of the Year, history, and healing. The nature and importance of our breath upon casting a spell. You must experience life as a witch for a year before you make that final decision. It is no easy choice. At the end of this course you can call yourself a witch but remember:

Course Teaching Methods:

Online course, online support, online coven. Series of 12 lessons with materials for each lesson supplied by Tutor. Interactive notice board for students to raise questions and theories.

Lessons will have tasks and activity for students to do in their own time and to email back to Tutor.

Course Equipment:

Book of Shadows/Grimoire

This can be anything from a simple exercise book to a highly decorative note book or a diary. It is for your personal use only, never let others see your Grimoire for it is sacred to the witch who owns it. The Book of Shadows or Grimoire is used to record your feelings, your dreams, spells, spells, potions, the festivals of the passing year, rituals and correspondences. It is essentially your personal own guidebook for witchcraft. You are beginning a journey and this book is a record of that journey.

NB: Though each lesson will come complete with its own course materials including the back ground reading required and the task. Further, in addition to the course materials there are articles for each month of the year which contain the history, magical rites, and also spells for that month. The student can access these and learn alongside the course in relation to each corresponding month.

Outline of Course:

Initial Assessment

Each student is given a personal assignment in which they are required to answer the question ‘what does being a witch mean to you?’ This assignment is submitted before commencing Lesson 1

Lesson 1 - So you want to be a witch!

Lesson 2 - The History of Witchcraft

Lesson 3 - Magic, Magic Everywhere

Lesson 4 - Good v Bad

Lesson 5 - The Magical Year

Lesson 6 - Let’s Go Shopping

Lesson 7 - Let’s Begin!

Lesson 8 - Gods, Goddesses - Yes or No

Lesson 9 - Spells

Lesson 10 - Potions

Lesson 11 - Ritual

Lesson 12 - Welcome to the Club!

Formative Assessment

Students are requested to feedback their experiences of the course, what they feel they have gained personally and how their life has changed since commencing this First Level Course

How to apply for a place on this course:

To register for this program, simply add it to the cart below and checkout below. Once the payment process is complete you will be directed to a download area where you can download the confirmation of your registration, and instructions as to how you will receive your unique password to access the Classroom and the course trainer contact information. It is a simple and easy process.

Course Fee:

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Course Fee: £149.00 including everything you will need.

Online Registration & Enrollment

Enroll in this course £129.00

As soon as we receive your enrollment you will be contacted by the College Administrator to confirm your acceptance for this course and to provide you with course access. Thank you.

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